New Apostolic Church - Critical Consideration

Is The New Apostolic Church (NAC) a Christian church or a special community (sect), critical considerations will bring clarity regarding this question! The NAC is the largest denomination in Germany after the regional churches. The informative articles offered here on the subject of the New Apostolic Church are intended to help you evaluate the particular doctrines of the New Apostolic Church in light of biblical teaching. We will answer the question of whether this denomination is a sect or a Christian church. You can find out why criticism of the NAC is legitimate by reading the article ‘New Apostolic Church – Is Criticism Legitimate?

chief Apostle
Chief Apostle Ministry

Does this ministry find its model in the New Testament? Can it be legitimized biblically? An analysis taking into account biblical facts.

services departed
Devine Services for the Departed

Is this biblically legitimate? In services for the departed, the sacraments are administered!

apostles ministry
The Apostel Ministry

The New Apostolic Church is characterized by the Apostles ministry, what is it all about? Are the apostles of the New Apostolic Church apostles of Jesus Christ?

Corona, Christians and Conspiracy Theories

Yes, there is a world conspiracy! The signs indicate that Satan is making progress. How close are we to Christ's return and the end?

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Typically New Apostolic – A Pompous Divine Service with the Chief Apostle is an Impulse to Leave!

Critical reflections Exit New Apostolic
Impetus for the exit

Due to the fall of the Berlin Wall and because the world around me changed so much, my urge for freedom became unbearable and had to find an outlet. At a so-called festive divine service conducted by the then Chief Apostle Richard Fehr, who also introduced the first image transmission via satellite, I sat in the pew in our congregation and thought I had landed in the wrong movie. A pompous depiction of the exhibition hall with exterior shots and the NAC flag. I thought, are we at a state reception now or a church service? These subjective impressions of mine were then carried on throughout the service. …

Although I must admit that this period was marked by great feelings of guilt. I always had the feeling that I was consecrated to the devil and hell for all future. …

In the meantime I am now firmly convinced that one should free oneself from all “church fetters” and only follow one – namely God our Lord and His Son, revealed in the form of man in Jesus Christ – should follow, directly through prayer and Bible reading and with every fiber of the heart and, of course, with a lifestyle pleasing to God. Read more …

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