My name is Lutz, I was a New Apostolic for over 30 years, I am married and live close to Brunswick.

Lutz - 30 years New Apostolic
Lutz – 30 years New Apostolic
married, two children, a Labrador

My life has been very eventful so far. The details would not be boring, but would lead too far here. I spent my childhood and youth in a New Apostolic environment because, as the saying goes, I was “born into” this community.

During my youth I went to the devine services regularly and took part in most other activities and believed in the exclusive demands of this community, but there was no contentment, deep inner calm and peace in Christ. On the contrary, I even tried to create my own views on the will of God and His standards to justify my sinful life that was adapted to society.

It was only a few years ago that I woke up from my deep spiritual sleep

It was only a few years ago that I woke up from my deep spiritual sleep. God let me go through special life situations and shook me awake. That’s how I came to know God. I was converted to Jesus Christ and believed. Out of this situation and out of love for Jesus, I began to ask about God’s will. I began to study the New Apostolic faith and read the Bible and other theological writings. There have been many contradictions between the Word of God – The Scripture – and the teaching of today apostles of the New Apostolic Church. I asked: “Lord, show me your way”.

He prepared the way for me to realize that only one path is laid. The way: Jesus Christ who for us – even without sin – took our guilt upon himself and carried it to the cross and thus made the sacrifice Forgiveness of our sins has accomplished. He paid for us. Whoever believes in Jesus, repents, asks him to forgive his sins, is converted to him, and accepts him into his life, will experience this through faith Forgiveness of his sins , the Holy Spirit and through it justification before God. God has reconciled people to himself through Jesus Christ (2 Cor. 5:18) and there is only one mediator: Jesus Christ (1 Tim. 2:5)! You can read more about my way in recent years in my testimony read up.

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