New Apostolic Church - Why criticism
Reflecting on faith

There are already many websites about the New Apostolic Church on the Internet. On the one hand there are the official pages of the New Apostolic Church. There you will find something about structure and doctrine as well as the shaping of the faith. On the other hand, it is the critical pages that are shaped by members of the New Apostolic Church. They want to make a difference within the community. Websites of apostates want to educate the public and members of the New Apostolic Church about heresies and misconduct. Here I would now like to inform you about my motives why the NAC has to endure my criticism.

Food for thought

I would like to provide material for every New Apostolic believer who comes across these pages, so that he can critically examine his faith. Many will no doubt turn away in horror, calling this account heresy. Perhaps one or two of the visitors to this website will be motivated to become more intensively involved with the doctrine of the New Apostolic Church. Dare to share your thoughts in conversations with parishioners or in youth classes in order to enter into a fruitful and truth-bringing dialogue.

The Bible as a document of divine will

The Bible is the standard by which anyone claiming to possess divine truth and to administer means of grace and to be the only way to God must be measured. For this reason, I will quote the Bible frequently on this website, because the Word of God speaks for itself!

What I do not want

Far be it from me to attack members of the New Apostolic Church personally. This is not meant to be a personal vendetta to compensate for my bad experiences within the church. I didn’t get angry about anything that might have caused me to take action in this way. For this could be a standard explanation on the part of the New Apostolic Church concerning the reasons for these pages.

Enlightenment out of conviction

It was only a few years ago, although I was born into the community, that I became a believer and converted to Jesus Christ our Lord. I began to look into the faith, especially the absoluteness claims of this community. These claims to absoluteness have given the New Apostolic doctrine its special character. The Holy Scriptures, the Word of God, were my favorite tool, along with other books, to trace the will of God. I had to realize that there are many contradictions between the biblical teaching and the teachers of the New Apostolic Church. That is why I would like to contribute so that these contradictions come to light here.

If you are interested in learning more about these contradictions, I invite you to read some articles on this website. A good place to start would be, for example, the article on the legitimacy of criticism within the church or on the apostleship.

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We recommend the translation of the Bible by Franz Eugen Schlachter in the 2000 version

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