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Source texts, journal articles and book excerpts are regularly published and / or offered for download on this page. This information information pool on the New Apostolic Church supplements the information on this website in a meaningful way

They are intended for further information and research and for more intensive consideration with th with the subject of the New Apostolic Church. We do not always agree with the content of each scripture.

Nevertheless, we publish these texts here in the information pool, because we believe that their type and content complete the overall picture with regard to the New Apostolic Church.

New Apostolic Church - Day of the First Resurrection
Edvard Irving

History of the New Apostolic Church

From Dr. theol. Lothar Gassmann

Are there apostles again? Representatives of the New Apostolic Church and other ‘apostolic’ churches and groups share this view and have called new apostles. These include, for example, the Catholic Apostolic Church, the Apostleship of Judah and the Apostleship of Jesus Christ, as well as the Reformed Apostolic Congregation and the Apostolic Congregation.

How did this come about, and did it happen rightly and in accordance with the word of scripture? These are the questions that will be addressed in the following.

The following remarks are based on a lecture I gave at the Free Theological Academy in Giessen in the mid-1990s (the style of speech was retained). May they help clarify and serve as a blessing for all readers.
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New Apostolic Church Premillenarianism Second Coming of Jesus Christ
Second Coming of Jesus Christ

Who will be raptured?

The Chief Apostle announces: 10 million believers will be raptured!

The Chief Apostle of the New Apostolic Church let himself be carried away by this statement at a European pastoral care conference in Frankfurt.

As we have already shown in an article on the Rapture, New Apostolics wrongly associate the Rapture with the ‘First Resurrection’; the goal of every New Apostolic believer. There has recently been an extensive biblical elaboration on the subject Second Coming of Christ appear on this website.

With regard to the Chief Apostle’s latest statements about the rapture, the excerpts from the following IDEA News Ticker report fit in well with this topic:
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